Strategy is a portfolio of activities coordinated over time to drive long-term performance. This requires planning those core activities on which to focus and when to enter or exit a business. As with other businesses, healthcare companies need to create a portfolio of initiatives around a unifying theme, reinforced by brands, value proposition to customers, and solid operational skills. We offer a comprehensive toolkit of approaches to clients that may have specific needs around growth, globalization, competitive issues in the marketplace, and a number of other strategic and tactical concerns that may arise.


Example Case:

Our consultants helped a client in the medical devices sector develop a strategy for its largest business unit. We screened the client’s product portfolio together with their executives. This has led to a consolidation of the product portfolio releasing financial resources for developing new products with significant potential in the future and product modifications required for entering new geographic areas.


Abolon supports financial and corporate acquirers in setting up efficient commercial due diligence processes in a structured and efficient ('hypothesis-driven') way. Our long-years of experience and more than 100 due diligence projects in the healthcare sector have allowed us to build an organizational expertise that enables us to answer difficult questions, conduct market research in short periods of time and approach key individuals that have data and answers at their fingertips unless readily available to Abolon.


Example Case:

Our consultants have worked on many of the European healthcare transactions, especially if these were of interest to financial investors. We are proud to have been mandated on the successful acquisition of a specialty pharma company by a financial investor. The due diligence team had 3 weeks to assess a broad portfolio of older products and their exposure to generic competition and new innovative competitors to be launched over subsequent years. Our client was impressed by the breadth and insight generated.


We help clients identify and realize operational improvement potential. This is done by developing operations strategies, redesigning business processes, identifying and realizing purchasing potential and by helping clients to understand the theoretical limits of cost reduction efforts.


Example Case:

Our consultants helped improve efficiency and reduce cost in a specialty chemical plant that included API (active pharmaceutical ingredients) production. Total influenceable costs were reduced by 40% (12% of total cost).