Increased activity in mergers and acquisitions and renewed capital markets appetite for certain initial public offerings (IPOs) provide companies with an opportunity to revisit their business portfolios and look for ways to maximize the value of their businesses.

Mergers and acquisitions are important strategic tools. An interesting acquisition opportunity may allow a company to, in the short-term, engage in a new business or area of interest, reach critical mass, build a presence in a new geographical market, acquire new capabilities, exploit economies of scale and synergies or diversify its business or product portfolio.

Alongside our corporate finance team, our strategy consultants work with clients in assessing the strategic fit of acquisition opportunities, conduct due diligence on the target, assess the true value of potential L&A (projects, products) and M&A (target companies) opportunities, and support the post-M&A processes. We are unique in bridging the gap between strategy consultants and transaction advisors, working with clients through the deal process, negotiation tactics and pricing. Due to our global network in the healthcare industry and existing relationships with investment banks, we are aware of a range of licensing and M&A opportunities.


For many successful companies, an injection of additional funding can significantly accelerate growth. The most common reasons for fundraising activities are:

  • To expand the business organically, with a new service or product line, expand a manufacturing facility or expand geographically;
  • To fund an acquisition;
  • To purchase the shares of a minority shareholder or allow a majority shareholder to partially exit the company.

Our approach focuses on reviewing the business and advising on the most appropriate type(s) of funding from private equity, mezzanine funding, etc. We assist in the preparation of the business plan and financial model and present the plan to our extensive contact base with private equity houses and other investors. We also support clients negotiating the deal and managing the whole process.


Companies in financial distress face a range of challenges. They must ensure short-term survival while preparing for long-term success. If bankruptcy is unavoidable, a robust reorganization plan that addresses the needs of all stakeholders is imperative. To thrive again in these difficult times, companies must answer many very critical questions.

Our turnaround approach focuses on the most important operational, strategic, organizational, and financial levers in order to ensure a comprehensive recovery. We validate an existing turnaround plan or develop a new one tailored to a client’s specific circumstances.